of coniferous and deciduous round wood

cutting waste management at the cutting site

and cutting of tarpaulins and boarding boards in sawmill

We trade coniferous and deciduous wood. Whole wood - properly prepared, meeting the highest quality standards. Our assortment of coniferous and deciduous construction, tiling, firewood. 


Wood is the most universal, eco-friendly and most natural building material, which produces special heat: many old houses, furniture, household utensils are wooden. 

The wood was chosen by our ancestors because it is easy to process building materials. However, there were no measures to strengthen wood, to make it more durable, resistant to pests. As a result, the market was slightly overwhelmed by other materials. But there are always and there will be those who are faithful to the wood. Today, wood is again at the top of the popularity: we have learned to make it better to be processed and prepared in such a way that it is durable and durable. 

The latest technology and production facilities make it possible for you to offer the highest quality products: building timber surpasses other materials with its strength, versatility and firmness. 


The Scandinavians have long discovered that wood is the most universal raw material, and Lithuanians are redefining methods and methods of woodworking: timber sales in our country are accelerating. 

The possibilities of woodworking are unlimited: it is used for supporting roofing structures, wall constructions, roof assemblies, roofs, floors, balconies, terraces, saunas, frameworks, modular houses, etc. 

Timber products have a unique design and pattern, timber is the most environmentally friendly building material. The timber decoration for the home gives you cosiness and originality, while choosing timber contributes to the eco-livelihood. 

Feel free to contact us if you have forest ownership, think about using efficient forests and wood, and going to build and packaging. Your assets and thoughts become our projects and tips.

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