About the company JSC “Log Forest”

JSC “Log Forest” is ambitious company which was founded in 2009. The team has extensive experience in the field of forestry and timber trade and production. Over the years, the company has cut and sold around 50,000 ktm of round timber. The team consists of 14 people. In 2012 JSC “Log Forest” became a member of the Lithuanian Forest Owners Association.

Lietuvos miško savininkų asociacija

In 2014 JSC “Log Forest” in town of Merkinė at Vilniaus g. 99 acquired a sawmill in which it processes black alder only. About 4,000 ktm of round alder timbber is processed annually. The main products are the softwood furniture and boards. 

JSC “Log Forest” has its registered office in Varėna, however, we operate successfully all over Lithuania. 

The objective of “Log Forest” is to farm in the forest in accordance with applicable forestry laws and regulations.



JSC “Log Forest” has taken advantage of the European Union's support in acquiring new forestry equipment

JSC “Log Forest” “Increasing the Competitiveness of Business"

Log Forest, UAB

The aim of the project is to modernise the technical basis of the company's forestry activities by introducing innovative technologies and creating the basis for increasing the economic value of forestry and ensuring the competitiveness of the company. 

When purchasing a forest tractor with a self-propelled trailer, the extraction of timber is carried out in a timely manner, the cutting area is cleaned according to all requirements and the round wood harvesting process is more efficient. Acquisition of a farm tractor with a self-propelled trailer has increased not only production capacities, but also reduced production costs, made it possible to do more work, increase revenue, profitability of the company and contribute to the sustainable development of forestry. 

The company would not be able to achieve these results for a relatively short period of time with its own funds.